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Капитальный ремонт м.Сокол
СК "Давай Начнем Ремонт"
Минимализм, свежесть, уют
55 дней
1 комнатная квартира
площадь 42 м²
м. Сокольники
When we heard the name of the residential complex and listened to the wishes of the customer, the picture of perfect interior has appeared in the head immediately: monochrome , devoid of any unnecessary details, but not personality.
Opening the door, we immediately take a step into the future: glossy white wall panels form a clear architectural structure. First of all , the panel fulfill their true functional purpose : hidden behind them three-dimensional space storage . In the hallway doors for a wardrobe for clothes , shoes and stone under the boxes for storing small things. Panel and go to the living room , in addition to the sealed box , forming a location for the home theater.
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